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Daniel Brühl made his Marvel debut as the charismatic and villainous Baron Zemo in Captain America: Civil War, who then returned for the Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Despite his villainy, Zemo stepped up to help Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson put a stop to the Flag Smashers. The character isn’t without his own motives, but he was a fun addition to the story.

Some fans have speculated that we may see him again in Thunderbolts*, but it has not yet been confirmed. Despite this, Brühl feels confident that Zemo will return.

In a recent interview with Screen Rant about the actor’s upcoming Hulu limited series Becoming Karl Lagerfeld, in which he plays the title role, Brühl was asked about his potential return as Zemo, and while he didn’t talk specifics, the actor says he is “very confident” that he will be back.

“It’s fine for me, I can wait. [Laughs] I’m a very patient man. No, I’m not, but it’s funny, because in the meantime, I just wrapped on a show that’s called The Franchise, where it’s actually a satire about the superhero universe, so it was fun to switch sides, so to say. But knowing Marvel, they have a lot of sense of humor, so they will probably find it as funny as I did. And who knows, I mean, I’m still not dead, I’m very confident that I’ll be back.”

I hope we do see him again. He plays a fun bad guy. Check him out next in Becoming Karl Lagerfeld on Hulu on June 7th.

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