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The first trailer has been released for Johnny Depp’s French historical drama, Jeanne du Barry. The story is set in 1768 France, and the film is billed as being “based on an untold true story.”

Depp stars in the film as King Louis XV and writer and director Maïwenn also stars in the film opposite Depp as Jeanne du Barry. The trailer features the two characters meeting for the first time at the court in Versailles.

Jeanne du Barry is Louis XV’s last royal mistress at the Court of Versaille, after Madame de Pompadour. “Born into poverty, she is a young working-class woman hungry for culture and pleasure who uses her intelligence and allure to climb the rungs of the social ladder one by one.”

She becomes “Louis XV’s favorite companion. Unaware of her status as a courtesan, he regains his appetite for life thanks to their relationship. They fall madly in love. Against all propriety and etiquette, Jeanne moves to Versailles, where her arrival scandalizes the court.”

As you’ll see in the trailer, the production design is beautiful and it looks like Depp and the rest of the cast will deliver great performances.

The ensemble cast of the period drama also includes Benjamin Lavernhe as Jean-Benjamin de La Borde, Pierre Richard as Louis François Armand, Melvil Poupaud as Count Guillaume du Barry, India Hair as Adélaïde de France, Suzanne de Baecque as Victoire de France, Capucine Valmary as Louise de France, Pauline Pollmann as Marie Antoinette, Micha Lescot as Florimond Claude, Laura Le Velly as Sophie de France, and many more.

Jeanne du Barry opens in select theaters on May 2.

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