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Disneyland’s classic attraction Autopia has been entertaining guests for 69 years, and it’s finally getting a big upgrade. Disney has announced that they will be ditching gas cars for electric cars, which makes complete sense. I’m actually surprised that it’s taken them so long to do it!

Disneyland spokesperson Jessica Good said in an interview with the Los Angeles Times: “Since opening with Disneyland park in 1955, Autopia has remained a guest-favorite most popular with young kids experiencing driving for the first time. As the industry moves toward alternative fuel sources, we have developed a roadmap to electrify this attraction and are evaluating technology that will enable us to convert from gas engines in the next few years.”

I do have to say, though… I’m going to really miss the smell of those gas fumes while driving the cars! This is one of those rides that I enjoyed since I was a kid, as it was the first time I ever drove a car! I’ve also enjoyed watching my own kids drive the cars as I pressed on the gas and let them steer.

I know the ride isn’t going away, but there’s something nostalgic about the rumbling of the little gas engines that will be missed. I have a feeling this is now going to be a much smoother ride for drivers!

Autopia is located in the area of Tomorrowland near Space Mountain. It makes sense that Tomorrowland would have electric cars driving around.

There’s no specific timeline given as to when this will happen, or any other details, but the plans are in place and it will eventually happen.


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