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This week’s retro trailer is for the 1991 film Samurai Cop, an action film that has garnered a cult following for its blend of martial arts, over-the-top action sequences, and unintentionally cheesy comedic moments.

The film was directed by Amir Shervan, and it stars Matt Hannon as Joe Marshall, also known as the Samurai Cop, alongside Mark Frazer as his partner, Frank Washington. The story centers on Marshall, an LAPD officer with a mastery of samurai swordsmanship, who is tasked with taking down the vicious Katana gang, a Japanese organized crime syndicate terrorizing Los Angeles.

This movie is hilariously ridiculous with its terrible dialogue, continuity errors, and strange editing choices. The performances, particularly Hannon’s portrayal of the stoic yet inept hero, have been both criticized and celebrated for their contribution to the film’s charm.

This movie is a bewildering experience. Enjoy the trailer!

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