This Toddler’s Viral Golden Girls Hairstyle Is, Well, Pure Gold

Fans got a kick out of the video as well, as one TikToker wrote, “Evelyn Mae is running for her third term as chairwoman of local Board of Realtors.”

Another user replied, “Evelyn Mae taught me everything i know about bingo in the late ’80s.”

Of course, the toddler’s viral videos have been a sweet surprise for her family.

“I was not expecting that,” Evelyn’s grandmother Trina told Today.com in an interview published Feb. 23. “It’s made so many people happy.”

But having fluffed-up hair is no small task. In fact, Trina revealed there’s a process to getting her camera-ready.

“We have to make sure she’s in a good mood,” Trina shared, “[and] has a full belly and takes a nap.”

We’re sure Blanche, Dorothy, Rose and Sophia would’ve welcomed a fifth member to their girl group.

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