Richard Rampton KC 1941-2023 — Jewish Renaissance

At this time Richard was starting to phase out his work at the bar and was pleased to accept JR’s invitation to be our honorary legal advisor. Those who met him at our annual parties for contributors were charmed by his warmth and wit. He loved to talk, but also to listen, to life experiences and different views. He added sparkle to the occasion – as well as a generous number of bottles of fine Burgundy.

He also contributed to JR’s pages. As well as being interviewed by Judi Herman about his experiences with Irving (January 2017), he wrote a critical review of Keith Kahn-Harris’s book Denial, suggesting that a more robust approach was needed to challenge antisemitism (January 2019) and the same subject was tackled, in addition to the challenges of human rights legislation, in his discussion with former Supreme Court Judge John Dyson (January 2020).

As much as Rampton loved his time in court, he also loved fun – and games – with his family. In the summer the Ramptons would take a large house where their children and grandchildren joined them for two weeks. And his wider family, including his three siblings and their offspring, met without fail twice a year. In his son Patrick’s words, “Dad brought his laughter, fun and sparkle and with them wove a silken web of love that enveloped us all.”

Richard and Carolyn often came to visit my late husband, lifting Peter’s spirits while his eyesight was diminishing. Classical music was important to both Richard and Peter and they enjoyed the same pieces; they shared the same views about our current politicians and laughed together at answers to their questions from Peter’s new best (AI) friend, Alexa.

So many benefitted from the huge Rampton generosity of heart and spirit.

By Janet Levin

Photos by Rob Greig

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