Why YOU MUST Visit Bukhara Uzbekistan (Surprises Traveling Through Central Asia)


In this Uzbekistan travel vlog I take you with me to explore the ancient city of Bukhara Uzbekistan, located in Central Asia. After traveling through Central Asia for over a month, I have finally made it to Bukhara, which is a captivating city with beautiful architecture, rich history, and ancient fortresses. To start off my Central Asia travel vlog, I head to one of the main squares in Bukhara Uzbekistan and admire the Kaylan Minaret. What’s so special about the Kaylan Minaret is that it was one of the few structures in Bukhara that was spared destruction by Genghis Khan when he came through and conquered the city many years ago. Next on my Uzbekistan travel vlog, I walk across the square to the Mir-i Arab Madrasa. The Mir-i Arab Madrasa in Bukhara Uzbekistan is still an active Madrasa where many go to study Islam. The last main attraction in this square in Bukhara Uzbekistan is the incredible Kaylan Mosque. The Kaylan Mosque in Bukhara is also still active and can house thousands of people. Oh, and the colors and architecture in the Kaylan Mosque are absolutely incredible! If you travel through Central Asia, you have to visit the Kaylan Minaret and Kaylan Mosque in Bukhara, Uzbekistan.

Next up on my Bukhara city tour, I walk over to the Trading Domes of Bukhara. The old trading domes of Bukhara was once one of the most popular trading centers along the old Silk Road. Today, the 4 trading domes of Bukhara are still used by vendors to sell all types of local goods. The Trading Domes of Bukhara are an absolute must visit when you travel Bukhara Uzbekistan to experience the local culture. After wandering through the Trading Domes of Bukhara, the next stop on my Uzbekistan travel vlog was to Lab-i Hauz. Lab-i Hauz translates to the pond, and this pond is one of the few that remain in the city of Bukhara today. Nowadays, there are tons of restaurants and cafes surrounding Lab-i Hauz and it’s a great place to come and relax in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. Close to Lab-i Hauz and next on my Central Asia travel vlog, I explored a nearby Madrasa that is no longer active. Despite not being active and being filled with small souvenir shops, the architecture and beauty still remain incredible!

Next on my Bukhara Uzbekistan tour, I walk around the narrow streets of the old town, where I find an active synagogue. Years ago, there was a group of Jews who lived in Bukhara, Uzbekistan, who, over the years, have slowly left the city. Despite nearly all of the Bukharan Jews leaving Uzbekistan, there still remains a synagogue among the narrow alleyways. I think it’s a beautiful thing that the synagogue is still active today and that people of different religions can truly live in harmony here in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. Next on my Bukhara city tour and Uzbekistan travel vlog was to Chor Minor, which translates to four minarets. Chor Minor once served as the gate to a beautiful Madrasa. This Madrasa has since been destroyed, but Chor Minor remains a beautiful, standing structure today. If you are traveling through Central Asia and Uzbekistan, then you may have heard of Amir Timur. Well my next stop on my Bukhara Uzbekistan city tour was to the Madrasa of one of Amir Timur’s grandsons, Ulugh Beg. The Ulugh Beg Madrasa in Bukhara is one of my favorite Madrasas in Uzbekistan. It is not as restored as some of the other Madrasas in Central Asia, but is still incredibly colorful and beautiful.

To end this Uzbekistan vlog and my time in Bukhara, I head to a special place called The Ark. The Ark was an old fortress or citadel where Amir Timur and his relatives used to live. The Ark served as a mini city with a huge wall surrounding the complex. Inside the Ark you have beautiful wooden structures and can get a feeling of what life was like not too long ago. The Ark in Bukhara, Uzbekistan is also a great place to watch the sunset!

I hope you enjoyed my Uzbekistan travel vlog and my Bukhara city tour and that you get the chance to visit this beautiful city one day!

0:00 Intro
0:21 Minarets, Madrasas, and Mosques
4:03 Ancient Silk Road Market
6:36 Bukhara’s Last Pond
7:57 The Jewish Quarter
9:21 Ulugh Beg Madrasa (WOW!)
10:53 Huge City Fortress


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