Why Israel’s Doomsday Nationalists Want To Destroy This


In 1994, an American-born Israeli settler walked into a Palestinian mosque in the city of Hebron and opened fire on the people praying there. His massacre changed the city forever.
Today, Palestinians fear similar changes will be imposed on their most important national symbol: the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

Join Dena Takruri as she explores how an Israeli ultranationalist movement went mainstream and what this means for Jerusalem.

Cinematographer: Sean Havey

00:00 Why Does The Israeli Army Attack The Al Aqsa Mosque?
01:31 How Israel Is Trying To Make Jerusalem Jewish
2:30 What Do Israel’s Doomsday Ultra Nationalists Want?
4:15 How A Mass Shooter Changed Hebron Forever
7:03 The Aftermath of the Hebron Massacre
7:57 The Doomsday Ultra Nationalists Go Mainstream
9:01 Will Jerusalem Be Segregated?

#Palestine #Israel #AlAqsa

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