Why don't they eat pork, but Christians do? Jewish culture


Everyone knows that Muslims and Jews are religiously forbidden to eat pork. The explanations for this prohibition are virtually the same for both peoples.
There are several versions, and beliefs, of why Jews do not eat pork.
One of the legends of our ancestors, who lived on earth thousands of years ago, says that once the priests of Egypt in their carnal pleasures did not notice how they contracted leprosy. To stop the spread of the disease, Pharaoh decided to build a leprosarium on the outskirts of the country, where he forcibly evicted all the sick. Their chief physician was the priest Moses, who immediately established order in the leprosarium, writing a set of laws and rules that the sick had to observe to stop the infection.
One of the main rules was the prohibition of pork because it caused a natural tendency to skin diseases. Later, the rest of the Jews began to observe this prohibition as a tribute to Moses.
According to another version, the Highest Himself forbade the Jews to consume this product. Everything said in the Torah should not be discussed, and the commandments marked “hok” should not be interpreted in scientific terms. If the Highest commanded not to touch pork, then it must be so. A set of strict dietary restrictions called kashrut or kosher, based on the laws of the Torah (the first five books of the Bible) and the Talmud, permits one to eat meat only from those animals that are part-human and ruminant, from sheep to giraffes. Pork in this case is considered non-kosher meat. The ancient Jewish sages taught their people to view eating not only as replenishing physical energy but also as a spiritual process of transforming the gifts of nature into a piece of humanity. The Torah also teaches us to wash our hands before eating. Perhaps this is why the Jews are one of the few nations spared from mass epidemics since in ancient times other nations ignored this rule. Judaism also prescribes that food and the utensils in which it is prepared must be perfectly clean.


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