Who Wrote The Bible? Contradictions In The Torah with Professor Joel Baden


Professor Joel Baden dives deep into the Documentary Hypothesis on trying to make sense of the contradictions in the Hebrew Bible without trying to propose ad-hoc harmonization methods like many Rabbinic & Christian theologians throughout history.

The Composition of the Pentateuch: Renewing the Documentary Hypothesis (The Anchor Yale Bible Reference Library) First Edition

For well over two centuries the question of the composition of the Pentateuch has been among the most central and hotly debated issues in the field of biblical studies. In this book, Joel Baden presents a fresh and comprehensive argument for the Documentary Hypothesis. Critically engaging both older and more recent scholarship, he fundamentally revises and reorients the classical model of the formation of the Pentateuch. Interweaving historical and methodological chapters with detailed textual case studies, Baden provides a critical introduction to the history of Pentateuchal scholarship, discussions on the most pressing issues in the current debate, and a practical model for the study of the biblical text.


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