Who is Lev Leviev’s wife Olga?


OLGA Leviev’s family was thrust into the limelight after a conman pretended to be the heir to the Leviev’s billion-pound wealth.

But who is the mother that The Tinder Swindler claimed as his own?

Olga Leviev is married to the 'King of Diamonds'


Olga Leviev is married to the ‘King of Diamonds’Credit: Times Newspapers Ltd

Who is Lev Leviev’s wife Olga?

Olga Leviev is married to diamond tycoon Olga.

The couple have nine children together.

One of them is not the man who claimed he was the heir to the Leviev fortune.

Shimon Hayut legally changed his name to Simon Leviev so he could pose as the diamond mogul’s son, heir to millions.

The 31-year-old was nothing more than a fake son of real billionaire Lev Leviev and Olga, he tricked women across Europe between 2017 and 2019.

Little is known about her philanthropy efforts however she shares the name of a medical treatment facility in Israel at the Sheba Government Hospital.

When did Lev and Olga Leviev get married?

It is not known when Lev and Olga wed however the couple have adult children.

The family spent a stint living in Hampstead, London, but as of 2018 are reported to be living in Russia.

How many children do they have?

Lev and Olga have nine children together – five sons and four daughters.

Their daughter Chagit Leviev Sofiev is the president of the Leviev Group USA.

She is also the CEO of Africa Israel USA while her husband, Greg Sofiev, is the CEO of the famous LLD Diamonds USA.

Chagit worked as a financial advisor at Deloitte after graduating from Bar Ilan University with a BA in Economics and Business administration.

The Israeli native is also a mother to four children and speaks six languages.

His son Zevulun Leviev is no strangers to headlines as he was caught in a smuggling ring scandal in 2018.

The former CEO of LLD Diamonds USA, Zevulun has disputed the claims he and his uncle Moshe were involved, along with six other LLD employees.

They were accused of bringing an estimated $80million worth of diamonds into Israel but lawyers said the claims were “baseless”.

Also a businessman, Leviev’s son Shalom Leviev made headlines during his divorce after his ex-wife accused him of physical, emotional and sexual violence.

He was declared bankrupt in July 2019 after Bank Leumi filed a suit against him and his then wife.

Zvia Leviev-Alazarov was named as the head of the board of Africa Israel Residences in 2008, just after her father moved to London.

Ruthie was CEO of the company’s flagship mall, the Ramat Aviv Mall, until 2008 when she took over from her sister Zvia as the manager of Africa Israel’s Mall Division.

Other children of Lev are believed to be Joshua, Moshe and Asher.

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