Where Are We Headed?


“Rulers that are terrors to good works are like the biblical cursed fig tree”.

In today’s live stream, Joseph Z carried on with his teaching on how to survive a jacked-up world. He admits that there is a lot going on all over the world, ranging from confusion in identity, and government; but there’s a strength rising because Jesus will not let the church be trampled on, and we’ve been called to bring strength into the present evil age. He went on to teach that when we do all that God has called us to do and obey His word, we will begin to rise above these difficult times and make a demonstration in the culture. Interestingly, he brings to our understanding that God appoints authority by definition and it’s mainly those who do the will of God or keep the laws of the land built on a good foundation; but when rulers are not rooted in the foundation of God’s precepts, they become perverted.

Moving on, Joseph establishes that Jesus designed authorities to produce good fruits and when they don’t, they get cursed by God as seen in the story of the fig tree which was unable to produce as it should. Also, he brings to our understanding that rulers grow with time through training and are not made overnight. God appoints rulers because he finds them qualified and If they deviate from God’s plan they become perverted and we shouldn’t have strict obedience to the ungodly; for we’re called to rise up and bring truth to the culture.

What’s more, Joseph enlightens us about how Jesus opposed institutions; he also interpreted how institutions operate, and compared them to bar tunes with new lyrics. “A revelation, he states, if not adhered to properly after 20-plus years becomes an institution”, and we must not institutionalize a revelation. He further informs us that institutions always fight the reformers, and to survive in this world we should bear in mind firstly that institutions will not like us, but we should study the wisdom that Christ employed to respond to institutions during His time to apply to our present situation.

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0:00 Introduction
01:38 How to Identify a Good Ruler
03:48 The Fig Tree is Likened to the Government
05:27 Rulers are not Made Overnight
08:30 Jesus Opposed the Institution
10:40 Jesus’ Response to Institutions: A Wise Approach
13:18 Definition of Institution
18:35 How Revelations Become Institutions
20:12 How to Survive in a Jacked-up World
23:53 Good Response to Romans 13
26:35 Are you Persecuted for Righteousness or Stupidity?
28:50 Conclusion

June 20, 2023


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