What kind of hair do we use to make Jewish wigs Sheitels? #Sheitels #jewishwigs #shaitels #kosherwig


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New One Wigs is one professional manufacturer for human hair wigs , especially for European Hair ,Brazilan Hair, Mongolian hair and Russian hair

We only collect 20% of best hair .

What products do we supply?
1.lace top wigs
2.skin top wigs
5.lace bands
6.wig grip
7.bandit wigs
8.hair extensions
9.lace wigs
10.hair accessories

what service do we supply ?

1.custom different textures on hair
2.custom different colors on hair
3.provide OEM/ODM service
4.provide classes for new starters
5.provide hair tutorials

wholesale orders pls email us :info@newonewig.c


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