Turkey Weddings Luxury Yacht Wedding Istanbul


Marina and Anders visited Istanbul Turkey for a vacation and fell in love with the city and the country.
They were already in love and decided to get married in this beautiful city. Andres’s lawyer found Turkey Weddings and told Andres this is the company he should contact and he did. We had a great understanding of each other and time was short and we had only 12 days.
He wanted to get officially married to his love with the style and privacy he had in mind and he also wish to impress her bride. The most important guests were the couple’s boys and they were to come and witness this event.

We proposed him stay at Bosphorus and we would organize all on a private yacht, The civil ceremony, dinner, and the party, he loved the idea. Within this short period of time, we have assisted them with the paperwork, and logistics through our travel company & Turkey Weddings, booked the best and biggest yacht on Bosphorus, our partners started to work as drawn plan, and finally, for the catering, we have found a new partner, whom we never worked before but they were the best fit for the requirements. We met to talk about the special menu and all the other details and Yes they were the Best fit and we speak the same language.

While we were running around groom found out he had a document missing for the civil ceremony, and we had 2 days to go. We had to find a way? After some talks, the groom’s best friend was able to go his home pick the document, and fly to Istanbul, what a hero he was so another very important guest on board. The wedding day was amazing, all worked like a good clock, the weather was also fantastic so everyone’s mood.

All our partners were sharing the excitement and the emotions we had and everyone did an amazing job…
From Hair & Make up, florist, decoration partner, Yacht company and their staff, Catering company owners and their staff, our cake pastry chef, and the photographer, videographer, drone operator team; through an Amazing orchestration of Turkey Weddings owners & planners all worked hard as one single team. We would like to thank them once again from the bottom of our hearts.

We are still getting the same excitement to watch this video with goose-pimples, pride, and the same emotions of the wedding day of Anders and Marina; Two souls, kind, gentle, and beautiful…

We wish the newlywed couple, Love & Joy & Harmony, and Happiness with their new Big family.

Hope you enjoy watching the event in short which was a true labor of Love as well.

Thank You, Marina, Thank You, Anders


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