The world according to Kyrie


I’VE had it with Kyrie Irving.

When he was espousing counter-cultural beliefs like the Earth is flat and skewing health standards by refusing to be vaccinated, at least the damage was limited.

But when he shared the controversial anti-Semitic documentary “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America” on Twitter, it brought the Brooklyn Nets star’s ignorance to an entire new level.

Even his best bud LeBron James has criticized Irving’s irresponsible sharing of the derogatory documentary. What Irving apparently fails to understand is that he’s not just any other person on the planet and his 4.6 million followers on Twitter attest to that.

Quoting from the Anti-Defamation League website, the 2018 documentary based on director Ronald Dalton Jr.’s book series of the same name tries to “prove the Black Hebrew Israelite belief that certain people of color, including Black Americans, are the true descendants of the biblical Israelites.”

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It added that the three-plus-hour documentary “promotes beliefs commonly found among anti-Semitic and extremist factions of the BHI movement, including claims that modern Jews are imposters who stole the religious heritage of Black people and have engaged in a ‘cover-up’ to prevent Black people from knowing their ‘true’ identity.”

The ADL also said the documentary also “amplifies longstanding antisemitic tropes about Jewish power, control and greed, including false claims that Jews control the media, and disputes the identity of modern Jews, claiming they are ‘religious converts’ who descended from the Khazars and have no historical connection to the land of Israel.”

While Irving has since apologized (following a minimum five-game ban by the Nets after initially handling the point guard’s controversial posting with kid’s gloves), you cannot take back the hurt he brought to the Jewish community by supporting the documentary.

Nike has also since suspended its relationship with the ex-Duke star and temporarily shelved the planned launch of Irving’s next signature shoe, the Kyrie 8.

In the wake of the Irving fiasco, Nets admirably have made a complete 180-degree turn in treating its star point guard (after also getting fed up with the many chances Irving was given to disavow the documentary).

Notwithstanding Kevin Durant defending his best bud, Brooklyn management reportedly has issued six conditions for Irving’s reinstatement to the team and they are:

– Irving must apologize for posting a link to a documentary containing anti-Semitic material;

– He also must condemn the movie;

– He must make a $500,000 donation to anti-hate causes;

– He must receive sensitivity training;

– He must take training to educate himself on anti-Semitism; he must meet with the Anti-Defamation League and Jewish leaders; and

– He must meet with Nets owner Joseph Tsai to demonstrate his understanding of the issues.

I’m not exactly sure if Irving will make good on the Nets’ laundry list of conditions as it’s quite extensive and even his apology didn’t sound genuine to begin with as it was only posted on Instagram.

Even the great Kareem Abdul Jabar is fed up with Irving’s antics and believes he’s beyond redemption on this issue.

“The Captain” recently posted on Twitter that “Honestly, there’s little hope that he will change because he’s insulated by fame and money and surrounded by yes-people. There is no motivation to learn how to distinguish propaganda from facts. All that’s left is for the world to decide how it should respond to him.”

If you ask me, Nets owner Joe Tsai and general manager Sean Mark should just cut and cut clean and rescind Irving’s contract even if he completes the “mission impossible” to-do list (I’ll sell my toy collection if he does).

Irving has been a repeat offender when it comes to societal norms and his disruption has cost not only the Nets success on the court, but disgrace off it. Once he’s out of the NBA, he’ll have less people idolizing him and there goes his platform for espousing his factless beliefs.

The world according to Kyrie is flat and so will his bank account if he continues his wayward ways.

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