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When it comes to movies created by Jewish people, some of the greatest films ever made find their way onto the list. Hollywood has long been full of creative people from all nationalities, religious backgrounds, races, sexual preference, and anything else you can think of, but some of the most influential and creative people working behind the scenes have been Jewish. Determining what makes a movie “Jewish” requires looking into the people who worked on the film, but also the content.
You won’t find every movie made by Mel Brooks or Woody Allen on this list seeing asSpaceballsandEverything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* But Were Afraid to Askwere made by Jewish people, but practicing Judaism or being Jewish was hardly the central theme of the film. Similarly, people like Steven Spielberg have a huge body of work, but only one of his films made the cut for this list and you can probably guess which one. Jewish films that make the cut for this list involve Jewish creators, but also content about Jewish people. Neil Simon’s amazing body of work often involves his own life story, which is why movies likeBiloxi BluesandBrighton Beach Memoirscan be found here.
This list has everything from old Jewish movies like the 1947 Body and Soul to new films like 2017’s Disobedience. Did your favorite Jewish film make the list? Add the best Jewish movies you think should have been included and rate your favorite to the top!
Photo: Fiddler On The Roof/United Artists…more
0:00 – Intro
0:00:08 – Exodus: Gods and Kings
0:00:20 – The Golem
0:00:29 – Keeping the Faith
0:00:38 – Waltz with Bashir
0:00:48 – Au revoir, les enfants
0:01:00 – A Serious Man
0:01:10 – Jerusalem: Center of the World
0:01:17 – Holy Rollers
0:01:27 – Jakob the Liar
0:01:37 – Once Upon a Time in America
0:01:48 – Lies My Father Told Me
0:01:59 – Cast a Giant Shadow
0:02:09 – Fill the Void
0:02:18 – Biloxi Blues
0:02:28 – Goodbye, Columbus
0:02:38 – The Great Dictator
0:02:48 – Enemies, A Love Story
0:02:58 – Gentleman’s Agreement
0:03:08 – Avalon
0:03:17 – The Pawnbroker
0:03:26 – Shoah
0:03:34 – Brighton Beach Memoirs
0:03:41 – The Frisco Kid
0:03:51 – Blazing Saddles
0:04:01 – The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz
0:04:12 – Disobedience
0:04:22 – Bugsy
0:04:31 – Driving Miss Daisy
0:04:41 – Annie Hall
0:04:50 – Crossing Delancey
0:05:00 – The Producers
0:05:09 – An American Tail
0:05:19 – Life Is Beautiful
0:05:29 – The Prince of Egypt
0:05:39 – Anne Frank Remembered
0:05:49 – Chariots of Fire
0:05:59 – Defiance
0:06:08 – Dirty Dancing
0:06:17 – Funny Girl
0:06:26 – Ben-Hur
0:06:35 – Yentl
0:06:44 – A Woman Called Golda
0:06:54 – The Diary of Anne Frank
0:07:04 – The Jazz Singer
0:07:13 – The Pianist
0:07:22 – Cabaret
0:07:31 – Exodus
0:07:40 – The Ten Commandments
0:07:50 – Schindler’s List
0:08:00 – Fiddler on the Roof


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