The Strict Rules Ivanka Trump's Children Must Follow


Discover What It’s Like Growing Up As A Trump Kid

Everyone is paying close attention to America’s first family, especially since the national elections are coming up. Donald Trump’s favorite daughter, Ivanka Trump is married to Jared Kushner. She converted to Orthodox Judaism in order to marry him as his parents objected to Ivanka’s faith. Now they are raising their 3 kids, named Arabella Rose Kushner, Theodore James Kushner, and Joseph Frederick Kushner, as Orthodox Jews. They practice many traditions, such as Shabbat Ivanka and Jared turns off their phones on Friday to Saturday to spend quality time as a family.

Being part of the first family of America comes with responsibilities. They always look picture-perfect to upkeep their family-oriented image for the public. Ivanka enrolls her kids in many lessons. Arabella learned Mandarin, piano, and ballet. She once sang for the Chinese President and his wife during Trump’s 2017 visit to China. She was their secret weapon. That same year, Ivanka uploaded a video of her singing Happy New Year in Mandarin, which made the six-year-old viral in China.

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Written by: Maria L.
Narrated by: Lanessa Tremblett
Edited by: Jeffrey A.

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