The Millionaire Preacher With A Weight Loss Cult | Gwen Shamblin Documentary


This documentary is about Gwen Shamblin, who was hailed as the go-to diet guru for decades before becoming a disgraced pastor. This story contains real-life Stepford wives, a multi-millionaire preacher, a failed reality show, a beauty queen who won’t go down without a fight, Tarzan (aka The Sugar Baby), a whole lotta hair and even an FBI investigation. This true story is about success, lust, greed, betrayal, and crime – This is the Rise & Fall of Gwen Shamblin: The Millionaire Preacher With A Weight Loss Cult.

0:00 Intro
1:36 The Weigh Up
10:03 The Prophet Profits
20:35 The Real Housewives of Remnant Fellowship
37:15 Tarzan & Trouble
52:02 Conclusion

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Researched, written, and edited by: NOT THE GOOD GIRL



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