The Festival of Lights: a storybook app about Hanukkah


Travel back in time with Bubby to ancient Jerusalem and relive the story of Hanukkah in the Festival of Lights storybook app. This interactive story teaches the age-old tale through interactive elements to keep your child reading. With stunning illustrations, eye-catching animations, and calm audio narrations your son or daughter won’t be able to put the book down this Hanukkah season.

The Festival of Lights Includes
– 12 pages of engaging scenes for children to explore
– Touch activated animations to bring the page to life
– Gorgeous Illustrations by Amelia St. Studio
– Audio narration by Hadria D.

Appoet is proud to present The Festival of Lights, a storybook app celebrating Hanukkah. Both founders, Josh Fisher and Jeremy Applebaum grew up hearing this story from their own bubbies when they were children. They are proud to present the story in a new, interactive format for children and parents everywhere to enjoy.

Appoet believes ebooks are an intermediary media between tangible literary works and mobile applications for storytelling. They focus on the multi-dimensional capacity of mobile technologies to tell a story. Appoet brings together a unique community of artists, entrepreneurs, educators, and technology developers to enhance mobile engagement. Through their extensive knowledge and expertise they help stories and communities come alive.

Amelia Street Studio is a three sister team with expertise in marketing, branding, websites, video, and set production. They specialize in hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind pieces that all start with a story. They have worked with a broad range of brands from Holiday Inn to start ups in Chicago and Columbus, Ohio. They are excited to bring their creative juices to the children’s book arena for the first time. Jenny, the middle sister and graphic designer, has a soft spot for hand-drawn illustrations. So, from the get go, this project presented the perfect cross-section of creativity, hand-crafted design, and digital interactivity. Appoet brings awesome levity to an age-old tale, which inspired the tone for the illustrations. There’s a beautiful mix of historical story with modern technology, which lent itself to some exciting opportunities to play with characters and animations. While the three sisters aren’t Jewish, they truly appreciated learning more about the history, people and settings from that time. The hope is that this book brings new life to an important story and that both kids and adults will enjoy and want to pass it down through the generations.

This application is suited for ages 9+ due to soldiers running across the screen and insinuated battles.


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