The Fear of God | Remnant Fellowship TV | Season 2 Episode 3


Remnant Fellowship TV presents You Can Overcome Season 2 Episode 3 – In this episode, Gwen explains both the history and the modern-day relevance of God’s Holy Days / Festivals, focusing on the Day of Trumpets.

This is a lesson that will convict you and help you to find the loving fear of God that keeps you from sinning.
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Filmed live September 19, 2012.
Special guests: Candace Anger and Kent Smith.

Copyright 2012 Remnant Fellowship Church, Gwen Shamblin, and Weigh Down Ministries

Transcript Excerpt: “God, we praise You for this audience and praise You for this wonderful day, and we just do pray to You O God always that this show will be something that is totally life changing so that everybody watching can overcome. We are here in the fall season, and we are just continuing on with these wonderful episodes. And today is a day that we are going to go over what God has ordained, which is the Days of Awe and this upcoming Feast of Trumpets. I wanted to just say a shout out to everybody instead of just particular people, a shout out to everybody across the land from Europe to Canada, all across the USA and everyone else who is watching down in South America and all over the world. We just praise God for each and every one of you, and we continue to hear how wonderful you are doing when you finally, through Jesus Christ, through acting like Jesus Christ, through following in His footsteps and doing what He wants, that you have found the Father. Okay, so just a little bit about just the Days of Awe, and then I’ll bring up my co-host, Candace Anger, and our guest today. The Days of Awe are forty days of the journey to the heart of the Father, and for the Jewish people who have always celebrated this feast, it has indeed been a preparation, in the way that they see it, God’s divine grace on the Day of Atonement, a day of forgiveness, which is…. This weekend is the Day of Trumpets, and then the next weekend is the Day of Atonement. So, if you are following along with us, it is wonderful, and I am so excited, because it is all about looking in. Last week we talked about true repentance. If you have not watched that episode and you have found yourself struggling and not knowing what is wrong with yourself, that is an episode that should be watched and re-watched and watched again, because it finally helps you to see the motive of your heart and to see if indeed what you really want to do is the will of God or not. So many of us are thinking we want that, but down deep we have not really repented. So repentance is absolutely essential. This is all about confessing. This is all about forgiveness and praying for forgiveness. So as we continue to go on these days, let’s share this with my co-host and my guest, Candace Anger and Kent Smith. Give them a warm welcome. Thank you so much. So everybody have a seat here, and we are going to go over just more and more and educate people, because the festivals are something that people have not really paid attention to or been a part of. I know all of us who have come to Remnant Fellowship, none of us saw the Old Testament as something…it was always that obsolete thing . So we need to remember that the Old Testament was never intended to be obsolete, and growing up, that is really what we did. It was kind of like a nice little reading or whatever for people, but it was not something that we did that you had to do. So in the meantime, if you go to Leviticus 23 you are going to find where the festivals are, and it has headings on there which were added by man, but in this particular situation, it is very, very helpful. It divides up all the days that God said were special, ordained by Him, starting with, of course, the Sabbath in Leviticus 23. So if you want to bring that chapter up and kind of just scroll it through, you will see something about the Sabbath. Then that heading will go to the Passover, unleavened bread, those festivals. Then it will go to first fruits, which is something that is celebrated right in a row — Feast of Unleavened Bread, Passover and First Fruits, right there together in the spring of the year. That kind of starts the year off, and that is on the calendar the first part of the year, unlike what some of the religions have celebrated as this fall being the first of the year. The spring is the first of the year, and all the babies being born and all the leaves coming out; and everything coming from death to life lets you know it is the beginning. ”

For this episode of You Can Overcome, we are including the preshow video for you to watch as well. It is approximately 23 minutes long and can be skipped in order to move forward to the LIVE recording if you wish.


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