Termessos Ruins Adventure 2022


Built in a bowl 1000 metres above the sea, high in the Taurus Mountains, the ancient city of Termessos is one of Turkey’s most magnificent ancient ruins. Beautiful buildings and innumerable tombs lay hidden in the pine and juniper forest that has reclaimed this once proud city. From ruined theatres and streets you can take in the stunning views of forested valleys and soaring mountain peaks.

While not very far from the city of Antalya, the fact that you cannot reach the site without a car and a considerable amount of walking means that it stays rather tranquil, allowing visitors to truly feel like they are exploring a lost city retaken by nature.

Our Journey to the Termessos Park on March 23rd, 2022.

Gate Price: 12.50 TL = US$0.85/ Person
Museum Card = FREE (For Residents Only)

Drive took approx. 45 Mins from Liman.
From entrance you drive up the mountain for a few miles till you reach the Parking Complex.

**Wear Hiking Boots and make sure you have a lot of Stamina to climb the mountainous trail leading to the main part of the Termessos Ruins.

We met a bunch of School Kids on a Field Trip and after climbing a good 2 km up the mountain trail we finally reached the summit of the Ruins.
We really appreciated the tranquility and silence that beheld us at the summit of the mountain.
One with nature.
There are great Hiking Trails for the outdoors people.

On the top of the mountain we made a friend with a stray German Shepherd who took us on a guided tour.

Off Season is the best time to go here because you will have the ruins mostly to yourself, and you can breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the silence & the serenity of nature.
There are benches spread out in different sections along the trail so those that need a rest or a breather can do so, and some on top of the mountain as well so one can rest and gaze at the splendor that is spread all around you.

In these times you can really appreciate Nature and all she has to offer.
The mountain view and the ruins it carries are undeniably a pleasure to behold and breathe in.

Termessos is a must-to-do for any Traveler coming to Antalya.

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