Stories from Jewish Culture, in Chennai Storytelling Festival 2022.


Stories from Jewish Culture, on Sun 6th Feb, in Chennai Storytelling Festival 2022.

1) Selina Eisenberg, “This, Too, Shall Pass” (a folktale), 02:36
2) Howard Lieberman, “Coming Home” (a personal-experience story), 18:11
3) Jim Brulé, “Miriam in the Mountain”, (a folktale), 40:57
4) Karen Golden, “My Angel” (a personal-experience story), 57:08
5) Yoel Perez, a Ladino song, and “The Pregnant King” (a folktale), 01:12:20
6) Rinah Sheleff, “The Thieves’ Minyan” (a Hassidic tale), 01:31:37
7) Barry Stewart Mann, “The Turkey Prince” (a story told by R. Nachman of Breslov), 01:40:56
8) Noa Baum, “The Hour of the Doves” (a personal-experience story), 01:50:13

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