Shostakovich: From Jewish Folk Poetry (with English and Farsi subtitle)


From Jewish Folk Poetry, Op. 79a
Dmitri Shostakovich
Orchestra of the Moscow Musical Theater “Helikon-Opera”
Valery Kiryanov, conductor
Ilya Ilyin, Director
Anna Pegova, Soprano
Larisa Kostyuk, Mezzo-Soprano
Igor Morozov, Tenor

00:00 1. Lament for a dead infant—Moderato (S and M)
02:31 2. The solicitous mother and aunt—Allegretto (S and M)
04:41 3. Lullaby (‘Little son, my fairest’)—Andante (C)
07:24 4. Before a long separation—Adagio (S and T)
10:19 5. Warning—Allegretto (S)
11:26 6. The abandoned father—Moderato (M and T)
13:26 7. Song of want—Allegro (T)
14:54 8. Winter—Adagio (T, S, and M)
17:40 9. The good life—Allegretto (T)
19:26 10. Song of the young girl—Allegretto (S)
22:09 11. Happiness—Allegretto (M, S, and T)


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