She brings forty characters to life on stage at The Jewish Repertory Theatre


Josie DiVincenzo stars in ‘What I Thought I Knew’ at the Jewish Repertory Theatre. Written by Alice Eve Cohan, Josie says she chose to do the show for a number of reasons, “to me what is so compelling and remarkable about the story is first of all that it’s true.” The play has been described as “darkly hilarious” and “a heart-felt journey through a risk pregnancy”. The actress plays an amazing forty characters in the ninety minute show. Director Saul Elkin says not many actors can do what Josie does, pointing out “Josie DiVincenzo has a gift for voices and postures, so that by the time the show is over you see some of these people out there with her, she’s not alone.” Her very long list of acting credits include dozens of local productions, TV shows and movies. Josie teaches acting at Niagara University and in her own workshops. Even with her wealth of experience she admits that being on stage alone for ninety minutes can be a little scary. She says “but the terror of being out there alone kind of takes a back seat and the joy and the fun of doing it takes the front seat.” ‘What I Thought I Knew’ runs through March 1st at The Jewish Repertory Theatre. More information is available at their website.


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