"Safar" – Persian Show


“Safar” – Persian Show
Director of show: Shmulik Sam Behar Nice
“Stage of Art” Productions
Inbal ethnic Center, Tel aviv, Israel, 2003

This is a fascinating personal story of a village girl who sacrifices her faith and strength to change her destiny, which would have been for her to hold the status of a woman in a country where the women’s place was without value and freedom of speech. The journey takes the village girl through the fields, the hard work, the fantasies, the dreams, the coming of age and the realization of leaving the village and reaching port cities, the exposure to the cinema, the theater and the haflahs. The inevitable marriage at a young age, the indecisiveness, the chador rebellion and spreading of her wings is presented through use of the sagat (finger cymbals), which exposes traditional Persian culture to the West. The Persian dance steps, which on one hand are colorful and vibrant, and on the other hand especially modest and genuinely precise, convey the essence of Persian culture. Sapar is an emotional dance story that portrays the power of exaggerated modesty as fatal and presents the woman as the one responsible for controlling her destiny of the right to live freely.


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