Rishon Art Gallery | Saul Raskin | 15 Undervalued Jewish Artists With Great Investment Upside


​​Rishon Art Gallery presents Saul Raskin.

In this video we are showcasing the talented artist Saul Raskin.

You can view the his work and many others on our website https://www.rishonartgallery.com/artist/saul-raskin/ or come visit our gallery in Fair lawn, NJ.

We all know that aside from the beauty and enjoyment that art provides it can also be a lucrative investment. While trends and tastes change over time there are certain artists who’s skill and vision have proven to transcend current styles. Sometimes collectors wake up to their value a number of years after they were active. The following artists have shown upward movement in the market as well as a large base of collectors who seek after their pieces. They are priced very reasonably now but we can look forward to the prices of these artists to going up significantly in the future. This is what makes them both affordable and a solid investment to add to your portfolio.

About the Artist:
Saul Raskin (1878 – 1966) was a Russian born American artist, writer, lecturer and teacher best known for his depiction of Jewish subjects.
In the 1930s Raskin served as the art director for the 92nd Street Young Men’s and Young Women’s Hebrew Association in New York.

Raskin was probably known more as a painter and caricaturist within the American Jewish community than as a critic. He worked with various mediums and was known for his realist approach and attention to detail. His work focused on scenes of Jewish life and tradition particularly in the Lower East Side of New York. His first exhibition was in 1922.

Saul Raskin’s paintings, sketches and lithographs portraying Jewish life in the Yishuv in Palestine were well known in the U. S. having appeared in many exhibitions and the press. They were widely praised by art critics. The lobby of a theater at the corner of Second Avenue and Eleventh Street, at the northern end of the “Yiddish Broadway” in the Lower East Side was decorated with his paintings of Israel.

On Raskin’s eightieth birthday he said “I am an artist and I am a Jew, but first and above all, I am a Jewish artist, for Jewishness is the source, the centrality, the essence of my art, as it is the essence of my being.”

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