Renaissance Jews And The Bread of Resilience


How did Italian Renaissance Jews make their matzah? I found a recipe!
Join me on this journey of making matzah and learning about Jewish
history. #renaissancejews #dsathreads #makingmatzah

It was such a pleasure connecting with my Jewish roots and learning about Italian Renaissance Jews once again, this time for Passover. Jewish foods for pesach are definitely very symbolic and Matzah is no exception.

Links to some wonderful resources! :
Mantua Haggadah:

Venetian Haggadah:

The Golden Haggadah:

The History of Italian Jewish Food and the Matzah Recipe:

“A Drizzle of Honey: The Life and Recipes of Spain’s Secret Jews” book with original interpretation of the of the recipe (affiliate link):

The Rothschild Miscellany:

My playlist on Italian Renaissance Jews:


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