RED CANYON,Eilat,Israel/Eilat Mountain Nature Reserve/Hiking Experience with Gee-Travellers(Co-Ofw)


This was taken September 12,2020 .

The Red Canyon
The Red Canyon in Israel is a “classic”, easy and accessible hike near Eilat. The colorful and narrow gorge gives a good taste of desert hiking without sweating too much.

The “Red Canyon” is a short section of Wadi Shani that starts its way in the Sinai Desert (Egypt), crosses the border, and continues through the Eilat Mountains. At some point, the wadi carves its way deep into red sandstone, creating a narrow and impressive canyon. This section is known as the “Red Canyon”. A hike through the Red Canyon is one of the most popular routes in the Eilat Mountains.
The Red Canyon in the Eilat Mountains is one of Israel’s most beautiful yet accessible hiking trails. Twenty minutes north of Eilat, the Red Canyon offers an undisturbed hike through the natural canyons. The Red Canyon gets its name from the phenomenon which occurs when sunlight hits the reddish rock that lines the canyon, giving it an intense reddish color. The rock is varied in color and in patches is shades of white and yellow.

The narrow Red Canyon, one of the best outdoor hikes near Eilat

The green trail at the Red Canyon is considered to be family friendly, well marked, and relatively short. The descent leads down into the river bed and there is then a short fun trail leading to the second creek. The black trail is a more challenging descent down into the second creek. Walking through the second creek, you will reach a large rock which projects from the river bed. From atop this rock there is one of the most perfect photo spots in the area. As you continue to walk along the second creek, the sides of the canyon will narrow into what is known as the ‘Red Canyon’. The trail takes around 75 minutes to complete.

How to get to the Red Canyon

Easily accessible from Eilat, the Red Canyon is 15/20 minutes by car from the Eilat hotel area. During the winter months, the best way to reach the Red Canyon is by a tour from Eilat offering a cost effective way to reach the site, hike it, and return to Eilat



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