Professor Deborah E. Lipstadt: Why is it important for Jews to take journeys through Jewish Poland?


Professor Deborah Lipstadt is answering the question: Why is important for Jews to take journeys through Jewish Poland?

“I think that such tours give you a sense of your Jewish history. There is nothing like coming to see a place, be tactile in conversation with the place, and to see what’s going on here, to see that resurgence, limited as it is, but the renewal of a small shadow of Jewish life. Again, something that people never experience, and I think that’s extremely important. You can’t get that from books, you can’t get that from television, you can’t get that from social media.”

Join Professor Lipstadt on Roots, Resilience, and Renewal – tour through Jewish Poland led by her.

On the tour, you will experience the most important cities of Jewish Poland and visit significant Holocaust memorial sites.

During this 8-day tour, you will get to learn–through Prof. Lipstadt’s daily lectures–about the history of Jews in Poland, the Holocaust and the roots of antisemitism in Europe.

You will also have the opportunity to meet and interact with local activists, politicians and curators.

Professor Deborah E. Lipstadt is a bestseller author of:

“History on Trial: My Day in Court with a Holocaust Denier” –

“The Eichmann Trial” –
For the Eichmann trial’s 50th anniversary professor Lipstadt trains her gaze on this watershed event in Jewish history. Israeli attorney general Gideon Hausner, a commercial lawyer, lacked criminal or courtroom expertise, but Lipstadt contends that despite a couple of courtroom blunders, Hausner presented overwhelming incriminating evidence to prove that Eichmann’s claim that he was just a low-level bureaucrat was a lie. Moreover, Hausner’s decision to place victims’ testimony center stage gave survivors an iconic authority. Lipstadt discounts critics who say Hausner failed to elicit an admission of guilt from Eichmann, believing it didn’t matter because a confession from a brazen liar is worthless. In Eichmann’s memoirs, contrary to claims made by Hannah Arendt, Lipstadt finds that he expresses himself as an inveterate Nazi and anti-Semite fully committed to his leaders’ goals. Lipstadt also finds Arendt’s famous New Yorker reportage on the trial disturbing because Arendt failed to reveal that she was absent for much of the trial, writing from transcripts that cannot convey subtleties of demeanor witnessed in court. This is a penetrating and authoritative dissection of a landmark case and its after effects.

“Antisemitism: Here and Now” –

“Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory” –
The denial of the Holocaust has no more credibility than the assertion that the earth is flat. Yet there are those who insist that the death of six million Jews in German Nazi death camps is nothing but a hoax perpetrated by a powerful Zionist conspiracy.

“Denial: Holocaust History on Trial” –

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