Police Commission Meeting, October 25, 2022


0:00 Introduction, Roll Call, and Commission Procedure
2:11 Item No.1: Report of the Chief of Police
44:53 Item No.2: Public Comment Period
1:24:24 Item No.3: AB 361, Virtual Meetings
1:25:36 Items No.4A-4K: Consent Agenda
1:25:56 Item No.5A: Dept.’s Verbal Presentation Re: Command Officer’s Attendance at Command and Control Training
1:37:34 Item No.5B: Dept.’s Verbal Presentation Re: Newton Area Community-Police Advisory Board
2:20:00 Item No.5C: Dept.’s Verbal Presentation Re: Domestic Violence Awareness Month
2:59:48 Item No.5D: Response to Public Safety Committee Council File No, 22-0051, Officer Involved Shooting Instances, January-June 2022
3:05:35 Item No.5E: Dept.’s Report to the Facilities Management Division Audit No. 21-002
3:09:27 Item 6: Closed Session
4:35:46 Read Out of Closed Session and Adjournment


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