(Plac nowy) A traditional polish bread .Jewish District krakow (Best place for eating zapiekankašŸ˜€)


AĀ zapiekankaĀ (Polish pronunciation:Ā [zapŹ²É›Ėˆkaŋka]; plural:Ā zapiekanki,Ā pronouncedĀ [zapŹ²É›ĖˆkaŋkŹ²i]) is anĀ open-face sandwichĀ made of half of aĀ baguetteĀ or other long roll of bread, topped withĀ sautĆ©edĀ white mushrooms,Ā cheeseĀ and sometimes other ingredients, and toasted until the cheese melts. Served hot withĀ ketchup, it is a popularĀ street foodĀ in Poland. With its origin dating back to the 1970s, theĀ zapiekankaĀ is associated with the austere times ofĀ Poland’s Communist regime, but it has enjoyed renewed demand in the 21st century, which has also brought a wider range of varieties and quality.

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