Online festival of Jewish Culture JEWSTIVAL 2021. Concert. "Di megile fun vaymar". Vashti’s Lament.


Now, dear friends, we have finally received an improved version of the video fragment of the opera “Di Megile fun Vaymar”, based on the book of the same name by the famous Yiddish poet Itsik Munger and the book by Johann Folgang von Goethe, adapted by Alan Bern and Yuri Vedenyapin, with music composed by Alan Bern.

Directed by Miriam Camerini, costumes and sets by Gregory Corbino.

This opera was first presented at the Yiddish Summer Weimar festival in Germany in the summer of 2019.

In this video we see a scene called “Kloglid” (a plaintive song, Yiddish). We see Queen Vashti, sentenced to death by her own husband, King Ahasuerus, for refusing to dance naked in front of guests at the royal feast.

Vashti – Miléna Kartowski-Aïach

Line-up orchestra:

Alan Bern – piano, bandleader, composer
Mark Kovnatskiy – violin
Ilya Gindin – clarinet, saxophone
Yulia Vendeland – cello, double bass
Paul Brody – trumpet
Christian Dawid – clarinet, bass clarinet, tuba, whistle, trombone
Nora Thiele – percussion, drums



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