Oldies Jewish Music Long Playlist


A slideshow of pictures and video clips of Orthodox Jewish life in the 60s-80s plays on the screen. Much of it lifted from online archives of yearbooks and old films of peoples weddings and events.
0:00 Ashrei Rashi and the Rishonim
4:24 vealu- Rruach
7:15 Brother’s Zim Rosa Live and then
9:53 am yisrael chsi
12:11 Meir Sherman-koh ribon
16:37 Meir Sherman- A Letter to Mashiach
22:40 unifutzaseinu etc.
31:00 Gadi Elon – Od Tireh (cabaret style)
33:47 Shema Kolenu Orch. Tein Shabat
37:22 El Avram Singers sisu et yerushalayim
39:27 The Noam Singers- Shuvi Shuvi
42:43 Shelley Lang -Abanabi
46:49 Theme from Exodus with words
49:12 The Noam Singers- hayu yamim
53:30 The Noam Singers- ohavti
58:18 Motti Giladi -pitom
1:00:48 Ruach Orchestra- yesh makom and puff
1:07:48 Or Chadash- dovko nafshi
1:11:06- Stanley Miller- lu yehi/ am yisroel (psychodelic style)
1:18:08 adon olam
1:20:55 somachti
1:24:17 Shelley Lang-ledavid
1:28:25 ani mamin (Tune of M*A*S*H*)
1:34:08 The Messengers- libi bamizrach,
1:39:47 Seymour Rockoff/Rechnitz- Boro Park


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