New Israeli Radar Can Simultaneously Detect and Track ‘Thousands’ of Targets | The Jewish Press – | Hana Levi Julian | 14 Sivan 5782 – June 12, 2022


Photo Credit: Elbit Systems

The new “DaiR” radar system from Elbit.

Israeli defense contractor Elbit Systems this weekend unveiled a new radar system that can detect and tracking thousands of targets simultaneously.

It is believed that in the next war with Lebanon’s Iranian proxy, the Hezbollah terrorist organization, Israel will need to defend its people against large, repeated, simultaneous barrages of missile fire.

The innovative “DaiR” tactical radar system was showcased this weekend at the Eurosatory exhibition in Paris, according to an announcement on the company’s website.

DaiR is a new X-band software-defined radar system that makes target prioritizing redundant, Elbit said.

The new radar incorporates hundreds of digital receivers, sophisticated algorithms and computing cores with Artificial Intelligence capabilities.

It is capable of simultaneous detection and tracking of thousands of objects of various sizes and velocities, with no need for target prioritization.

“As warfare becomes increasingly multi-domain, the target prioritizing capability that is central to legacy radars, becomes a liability,” Elbit noted.

“The DAiR radar system forgoes target prioritizing, aligning the radar capability with the imperatives of multi-domain warfare.”

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