National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame 2013 Induction Ceremony Richard Bernstein


B”H See bios of all the Honorees here:
All of This year’s inductees: (abc order) Sammy Gross: Wrestling (01:35:00), Jennifer Horowitz: Fencing (01:27:20), Jacqui Kalin: Basketball (01:14:10), Daniel Haber: Soccer 01:19:00, Boyd Melson: Boxing (0:30), David Mark Berger: Murdered Olympian, 1972), by his father (14:20), Andrew Bernstein: Photographer (15:55), Richard Bernstein: Lawyer, Runner, Motivational Speaker, Mitzvah Man and so much more 🙂 oh yeah physically blind (23:00), Steve Bilsky: Basketball (sorry! 🙁 no video), Bruce Cohen: Lacrosse & much more! (38:25), Randy Grossman: Football (33:10), Aly Raisman: Gymnast (52.35), Marilyn Ramenofsky: Swimmer (19:20), Garret Weber-Gale: Swimming (09.40), James Metzger: Philanthropist (53:40), MC-Barry Landers.
I came with and for Richard Bernstein, and planned to record just his presentation… and ended up recording some more. This is an unprofessional video of some of the ceremony. Just sat in the crowd with a regular video camera without a tripod… & missing a few of the honorees! Sorry if I missed you or your favorite!


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