Miiad: A Fight to Unite (The Israel Jewish Dance Off) – מייד


Watch what happens when this Jewish dance-off gets out of control.

In this unique fight to unite, Jewbellish Films has teamed up with The One Voice Foundation to spread the message of unity. Will you join the dance?

Jewbellish Films presents: “Miiad”
Music, Lyrics and Arrangement by Katia Bolotin
Produced by: Mendy Pellin Media http://www.pellinMedia.com
Sung by Bezalel David

Executive Producer: Mendy Pellin
Producer: Arnon Z. Shorr
Associate Producer: Ben Pellin
Director: Arnon Z. Shorr
1st Assistant Director: Yisrael Dubov
Choreography by: Quinton Winston

Cinematographer: Daron Keet
1st AC/Grip/Gaffer: Nick Forte
2nd Camera Operator: Tafari Aird

2nd Unit Director: Mendy Pellin

Art Director: Anna Avazayan
Hair/Makeup: Abe Steinberg

Tyler Bivens
Jesse Deleon
Noel (JBad) Rios
Dean Risko
Mario Sanchez
Cody Wedell
Yoshi Wright
Uzi Moses
Orlando Moreno
Menachem Weinstein
Quinton Winston

Ben Pellin
Hinda Pellin
Yosef Pellin
Adir Shorr
Arnon Z. Shorr
Dr. Talia Shorr
Kelila Siciliano
Destiny Soria

Editor: Mendy Pellin
Additional Editing: Paul Forte
Color Correction: Paul Forte

Special Thanks:
Rabbi Moshe Bryski
Chabad of the Conejo
Madilyn Clark Studio
Simcha Russak

A Production of Mendy Pellin Media


The One Voice Foundation Launches “Miiad: A Fight to Unite”

Miiad—A Fight to Unite , a delightful music video to promote Jewish unity, has just been released. It marks the beginning of a worldwide movement for Jewish unity launched by The One Voice Foundation. American-Israeli songwriter, Katia Bolotin, composed the music and lyrics to Miiad with the hope that the song’s unifying message will be taken to heart and actualized. Bolotin believes that “Jewish unity is not just a lofty pursuit, but essential to overcome the challenges of our times. The Torah teaches us that peace and blessing are predicated upon our viewing one another favorably and joining together. Our mission is to look beyond our differences and to find ways to heal the rifts that divide us. We must unite our fragmented people.” Miiad was recorded in Jerusalem and is sung by Israeli singer Bezalel David.

Miiad—A Fight to Unite is more than a feel good song; it is a call for action. It’s meant to be shared and talked about, and to have its message internalized by each and every Jew. “Each of us can have an impact on someone else,” Bolotin says. “the goal is to grow a movement that can, and will, change the way we think and ultimately act. Each of us must become an integral link in the chain. Jewish unity is possible. Join the dance!”

“I’m very happy to have Jewbellish as the launching pad for this fight to unite,” said Mendy Pellin, Co-Founder of Jewbellish.com. “If anyone is crazy enough to pick this fight, it’s us!”

For further information and to join the “Fight to Unite” visit jewbellish.com or contact unite@jewbellish.com


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