Maybe The Best Jewish Life Advice Ever | Rabbi Pinchas Ben Yair's Water Stories


Rabbinic stories are filled with riddles and these short water stories give you authentic Jewish tools to handle life’s challenges. Many people will be attracted to his advise on how to deal with Parnassa (earning money).

Stories read From Demai Chapter 1 : Halacha 3, which includes many Rabbi Pinchas Ben Yair short stories, and as explained from the ideas in the poetry and writings of Rabbi Ibn Gabirol, author of Adon Olam.

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Biography of Reb Adam Sommer

Adam Sommer born Sept 24, 1975 is an American businessman whose main focus is Torah study. He is the grandson of New York Real Estate Developer Sigmund Sommer.
Adam was born in Queens, New York to a German Jewish family. He attended Duke University.

He began his career working for his family office as a construction project manager building a hotel and shopping center before moving to Manhattan. He became acquainted with Hineni’s Rebbitzein Ester Jungreis in 2002 and began learning more seriously about his Jewish roots. During that time, Adam learned more about frumkeit from his cousin Shemi Rokeach of the Rokeach family from Belz.

In 2005 Adam moved to Main Land China to develop a business venture in Guangzhou China. During the course of his 20’s and 30’s, Adam studied Taijutsu in Japan with Dr Haatsumi Maasaki, the famed martial artist, where he earned a black belt in the art. Adam also studied kung-fu while living in the mainland.

Adam moved to Jerusalem Israel in 2013 where he began learning in the Yeshiva Dvar Yerushalayim with Rosh Yeshiva Baruch Horowitz in Har Nof.

In 2019, Adam became the Rosh Yeshiva’s hebruta and he teaches the Yeshiva’s Yerushalmi gemara class. Adam learns Torah full time at the Yeshiva and an after-hours Kollel.

Adam has grown up and lived in mansions with maids and the finest foods but felt spiritually empty and began to question the meaning of material persuits as an end before seeking out Hineni. Adam excelled in eastern martial arts for more than a decade but found that nothing in the world compares to the treasures in the Torah and Torah learning, particularly in a Yeshivish environment.

In 2015, Adam finished the Yerushalmi shas for the first time where the Rosh Yeshiva arranged for a sium at the home of Rabbi Kanievski to celebrate. At the sium, Rabbi Kanievski gave Adam a blessing to finish the whole Torah each year.

In 2016 he finished the Bavli Shas for the first time and Yerushalmi shas in 350 days, along with the Tanakh, Shulchan Aruch and Mishnah.

Since then, he completes the Bavli Shas, Yerushalmi Shas, Mishnah, Shulchan Aruch, Midrash Rabbah and Tanakh each year according to a learning program arranged by Rabbi Ezriel Auerbach. In 2018, Adam was tested on the Yerushalmi Shas by the Rosh Yeshiva of Meir Yeshiva.

Adam describes looking at pages of the Yerushalmi as seeing the letters sparkle, catch on fire, and then stand-up on the page and dance. He is passionate about inspiring jews to connect with the less popular jewish classics such as those by Rabbi Shlomo Ibn Gibriol and making those ideas accessible for a general audience.

In 2016, Adam married Edna, the niece of Rabbi Nissim Yagen, where they live in Har Nof, Jerusalem.

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