Live Streaming: Dynamic Jewish Engagement


his past Tu b’Shvat the Hebrew Institute of White Plain’s utilized Mevo to live stream their Tu b’Shvat seder. During the event, people were able to view the program through a dynamic and unique perspective from the comfort of their own home. Utilizing Mevo for Facebook Live, people from around NYC participated in the seder in real time.

Jewish institutions such as Yeshiva University and Manhattan Jewish Experience are utilizing Facebook Live to broaden their base and connect to new audiences. Organizations are always looking for new ways to keep their members and funders connected. Aish HaTorah in Jerusalem, utilizes a live steaming Kotel camera to help connect people to the holy city of Jerusalem.They have been successful in drawing people from different backgrounds to their site through this interactive experience.

Technology allows us to deepen our understanding into news, events and lectures. Last week, over 33,000 people watched Benjamin Netanyahu’s news conference with Donald Trump at the White house through Facebook Live.The way we are consuming information is changing. People are relying on friends and organizations social media feeds to get the latest news and updates.

Now, when you participate in Taglit-Birthright Israel, MASA, or mission to Israel you can share incredible moments instantly and create dynamic content for your friends, family and followers. With the Livestream Mevo camera and its intuitive iOS app, you can create fun Israel videos with a variety of shots using just one camera and your iPhone. The camera has a 4K-resolution image sensor and some very smart software, so you can digitally pan and zoom in and out creating everything from wide shots to close-ups while still capturing at 720p HD resolution with nothing but your fingers on your iPhone screen.

Did you know that more video content is uploaded in 30 days than all three major U.S. T.V. networks combined have crated in 30 years? People are hungry for Point of View (POV) content. Live streaming transforms us into reality stars and provides a front seat to exciting experiences. We are only seeing the beginning of the “live” movement. Even Jewish nursery schools are exploring live streaming. Recently, Gan Miriam in Riverdale, NY held a Melaveh Malkah featuring Jewish master illusionist Elliott Zimet. Utilizing Mevo, over 200 people tuned into the incredible show and learned about the early education program Gan Miriam provides to the Riverdale community. Live streaming allows new avenues for organization to develop strategies for fundraising, marketing and community building.


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