"Kalontar" Bukharian Leadership Program year of 2011-2012


Topics of the year of 2011-2012 group

I. Jewish Immigration to the United States
(Different waves, relationship with the government, hardship and the need to build its own structure)

II. Immigration and Integration
(Immigration from the FSU and Bukharian Jewish Community)

III. Israel
(Israel as the Center for Jews in the world)

IV. Role of Jews in the World Culture
Speaker A. Militarev, Rector of Jewish University in Moscow

V. Charity and Fundraising
(Obligation to support the community and its structure)

VI. Leadership
(Definition, different leadership styles, leader vs manager)

VII. Leadership Opportunities in the Jewish Community
(Forum with participation of Jewish organizations looking to have Bukharian Jews on Board)

If you want to sign up for this program please contact khaimovm@jccany.org


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