Jewish People’s Library republished online by WJC’s Latin American branch


The Latin American Jewish Congress has republished on its website a series of books on Jewish history and thought which were edited by the World Jewish Congress’ Latin American branch between 1960 and 1980.

The Jewish People’s Library brings together an important collection of biographical essays in Spanish about leading personalities in Jewish history and culture titled ‘Great Figures of Judaism’ and a collection of thematic studies titled ‘Facts of Jewish History’.

Books on anti-Semitism include topics such as the Warsaw Ghetto, the Italian Ghetto, the Kishinev Pogrom, the Inquisition in Spain and the Tragic Week in Argentina. Jewish personalities include Theodor Herzl, Franz Kafka, Albert Einstein, Shai Agnon, I.L. Peretz and Martin Buber. Listings include the headings of Israel, Jewish communities, Middle East, Zionism, Holocaust, Jewish history, History, Second World War and Jewish tradition.

“This series of books, beyond its rich content, also has symbolic value for the Jewish communities in Latin America,”  Epelman said. “Our goal is to ensure that cultural goods are affordable for everyone. Only in this way can we contribute to a better understanding of our society and aspire to better living.”

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