Italy working against all Jewish discrimination – Draghi – English


(ANSA) – ROME, JUN 13 – Italy is working against all
anti-Jewish discrimination, Premier Mario Draghi said at the
Italian Temple in Jerusalem Monday.
“Italian institutions and civil society have for many years been
active in the fight against anti-semitism,” he said.
“The government is working to combat discrimination of all kinds
against the Jews”.
He said “in moments of crisis, of uncertainty, of war, such as
we are living through, it is even more important to firmly
oppose the political use of hatred.
“We must promote tolerance, mutual respect, and love for one
another: these are the real ingredients of a lasting peace. The
history of your community is an example which should be looked
to with pride”.
Draghi added that Israeli-Italian ties were being boosted, from
the economy to research.
Draghi is meeting Israeli officials with the Ukraine war, energy
and anti-semitism high on the agenda. (ANSA).