Israel – Wildlife conservation project 2008


GoEco and the Israel Nature and Parks Authority (NPA) would like to invite international volunteers to join this exciting ecological project to assist with re-acclimation of endangered species and conservation of sea turtles in the biodiversity rich Carmel Biosphere Reserve in Israel.

By the turn of the 20th Century, many larger animals that had once made their homes in the Eastern Mediterranean had disappeared from the landscape, largely due to large-scale hunting. The Carmel Hai-Bar (wildlife reserve) was established 40 years ago in the Carmel mountain range by the NPA to assist the endangered species that once thrived in the Eastern Mediterranean scrub forest to return to this region. The re-acclimation process has three main stages: First, the animals live in reproduction pens, which are built in a place as similar as possible to the environment into which the animals will eventually be released. During the second stage, the well-adjusted animals move into a larger penned-in area, where they acclimatize to the Carmel Mountain Range. The final stage is the release of the animals into the wild at the Carmel Biosphere Reserve and other nature reserves in Israel. The NPA also monitor and protect sea turtle nests along the coasts of Israel.

As a volunteer in this project you will gain the opportunity to work for the preservation of these incredible species, while gaining practical conservational experience under the guidance of ecologists from NPA and the University of Haifa. Volunteers will stay in dormitories at the University of Haifa and will have the opportunity to explore this beautiful region. Trips will also be organized for the volunteers to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and the Dead Sea.


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