Israel Nature in motion / الحياة البرية في فلسطين


Nature and heritage sites in israel
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Produced for the NPA-National Parks Authority

Nature reserves:
Gan Hashlosha National Park
Masada National Park
Mount Arbel Nature Reserve
Beit She’an National Park
Caesarea National Park
Hermon Stream (Banias) Nature Reserve
Herodion National Park
Nimrod Fortress National Park
Ramon Park at Makhtesh Ramon
Ayun Stream Nature Reserve
Coral Beach Nature Reserve
Ein Prat Nature Reserve
Einot Tzukim (Ein Feshkha) Nature Reserve
Snir Stream (Nahal Senir) Nature Reserve
Hula valley
Mount Hermon Nature Reserve

אתרים ארכיאולוגיים
Archeological sites:
Old City of Jerusalem
Caesarea National Park
Old City of Acre
The Temple Mount
Dome of the rock
Tower of david
Church of the Nativity
Tomb of Absalom
Church of the Holy Sepulchre
Mount Zion
Hurva Synagogue
old city of Jaffa
Beit she’an archaeological site
The Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fish
Tabgha at the Sea of Galilee
Mount of Beatitudes


The Desert Birds of Israel
MacQueen’s bustard
Sand Partridge
crowned sandgrouse
Namaqua dove
Black-bellied sandgrouse
Hume’s Tawny owl
Little green bee eater,
Arabian babler,
Crested lark,
Desert lark,
Trumpeter Finch,
griffon vulture,
white-spectacled bulbul,
Egyptian vulture,
Southern grey shrike,
The Mammals of Israel ,
Arabian Wolf
Arabian Oryx
Dorcas Gazelle
Sand rat
Mountain Gazelle
Arabian Red Fox
Striped hyena
שמות לסרטון אתרי מורשת
Hula Valley
Eurasian Crane
Mount Hermon Nature Reserve
Mount Arbel Nature Reserve
Sea of Galilee
Caesarea National Park
Judean Plains
Mountain Gazelle
Striped Hyena
Short Toed Eagle
The Judean Desert
Nubian Ibex
Masada National Park
The Dead Sea
Einot Tzukim Nature Reserve
St. Peter’s fish
The Negev desert
Arabian Wolf
Dorcas Gazelle
MacQueen’s bustard
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