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Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass, Kingsman) just released his new action spy thriller Argylle, and he’s already done with a secret film project that he produced. The working title for the film is Project X, and it stars Chris Hemsworth and Sam Rockwell. During an interview with the Happy Sad Confused podcast, the filmmaker shared the following:

“I’ve been producing a very, very special movie. Very excited about it. I just saw half an hour cut together. This will have the same sort of impact as Kick-Ass did. What can I say is it’s a movie that is written, directed, and starring my stunt team. It is a film like no other movie that’s ever been made and it’s also got Chris Hemsworth and Sam Rockwell in it, plus some other very, very interesting cameos, and it’s reinventing an action movie.” 

He went on to talk about the production of the movie and how his lead actor broke his back doing one of the stunts, which is insane! He said:

“Sadly, my lead actor-slash-stuntman broke his back in three places doing one of our stunts. It is incredible footage for the movie, then we filmed him in hospital. Last week, we were filming him recuperating… It’s part of the movie about the dangers of being a stuntman. We’re breaking some world records. It’s got, I think, 56 action sequences that are incredible, it’s funny, but it’s original.”

Vaughn previously revealed that the Kick-Ass reboot he’s planning is the third film in the trilogy that he’s planned and the first movie in that trilogy was already shot. This could be the movie he’s talking about here, and if it is, the movie is titled School Fight and it was directed by stunt coordinator-turned-director Damien Walters. Vaughn talked about the movie saying:

“The trilogy will be School Fight, this movie, let’s call it Vram for the time being, and then Kick-Ass, and they’re all connected.”

School Fight has already been shot and is completed, and the second film Vram is currently in production, so that could be the project he’s talking about as well. But, this movie he’s talking about has got to be connected to this trilogy that will lead to his Kick-Ass reboot. But, it also could be a completely separate movie!

That sounds insane! Rockwell and Vaughn recently worked together on Argylle, and Rockwell plays a spy in the movie, who joins forces with Bryce Dallas Howard’s author of espionage novels when her work begins to predict the future. The movie didn’t do very well at the box office, but it’s a wild and ridiculously over-the-top action movie!

Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see what this new action movie from Vaughn ends up being.

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