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A new trailer has been released for the thriller Mothers’ Instinct, starring Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain as two friends in the 1960s who are wives, each with a son close in age. The story follows the devastating loss of one child after an accident, and the unraveling that happens to both of them in the aftermath. Hathaway and Chastain are joined in the cast by Josh Charles, Anders Danielsen Lie, and Caroline Lagerfelt.

The film is directed by French cinematographer Benoît Delhomme, making his directorial debut after having worked as director of photography on Lawless, The Theory of Everything, Minamata, and others. The screenplay is written by Sarah Conradt-Kroehler, adapted from the novel written by Barbara Abel.

The full synopsis reads:

“Starring Academy Award winners Jessica Chastain & Anne Hathaway, Mothers’ Instinct is an unnerving psychological thriller about two best friends and neighbors, Alice and Céline, whose perfect lives in ‘60s suburbia are shattered by a tragic accident involving one of their children.”

This looks like a tough film to watch. It’s really the worst nightmare of any parent, and would be hard for all parties involved in the tragedy. As always, Hathaway and Chastain seem to deliver incredible performances, though. Check out the trailer below, and watch Mothers’ Instinct when it hits theaters later this year.

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