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“Hazara Genocide”
As the world watches the unfolding events in Afghanistan, we in the diaspora are deeply concerned about grave threats facing many segments of Afghanistan’s society. We are particularly concerned about persecuted ethnic and religious minorities, specifically the Shia minority who belong mainly to the Hazara ethnic group, who are at risk of crimes against humanity and potential genocide.
There is evidence from Afghanistan that the Taliban have already started massacring innocent Hazara people, most recently in Malistan and Ghazni. Thousands of Hazaras are in hiding, fearing death by the Taliban, due to their education and contribution to social development over the past 20 year – especially those who have dared to become public figures through media. Genocide is a rare crime, but this threat is now new. As an ethnic and religious minority, the Hazara people have long faced discrimination, and social and economic marginalization. Hazara faced targeted violence and brutal massacres when the Taliban was last in power in the late 1990s, forcing many to flee as refugees to neighboring Iran and Pakistan. The list of the Taliban’s domestic target is long, but the persecuted Hazaras are especially at risk. The international community, especially the U.S, Canada, Australia, the Gulf Nations, and European states, must apply firm pressure on the Taliban to guarantee protection of the Hazaras’ rights and to prevent another GENOCIDE.



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