How the Orphic Mysteries IMPACTS Christianity

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Clement of Alexandria says “‘God in the bosom’ is a countersign of the mysteries of Sabazius to the adepts”. Clement reports: “This is a snake, passed through the bosom of the initiates”
In this context Clement is comparing Jesus as the SOn of God being in the Bosom of God the Father, as the Phrygians believed the same about Dionysus and Sabazius being god the father and son in the bosom. Phyrgia was a booming region for early christianity. During this time, Sabazius had evolved into a more Middle Platonist, Monotheistic form called THEOS HYPSISTOS, the Hypsistarians are the groups that lived in CAppadocia and Phyrgia who worshipped this god with no images in the temple and he was represented by an Eagle. The Eagle as his symbol does have roots to his earliest forms. Gregory of Nazianzus, was once a Hypsistarian initiate, converted to Christianity, when he married Saint Nonna and sure enough, he was known as “Trinitarian Theologian” who contributed major contributions to the idea of the Trinity that became the Christian God head. To the phygians, Dionysus and Zeus were one, Zeus Sabazius, with a Saturnian spirit that binded them together. These ideas are heavily influenced by Zoroastrian Theology and Plato. The Chaldean Oracles, with some passages attributed to Zoroaster, Pythagoras others to Plato and the rest attributed to Neo-Platonist Theurgists that lived in the court of Marcus Aurelius, has the following passage:
All things are governed by the father, in the bosoms of the intelligable triad” and again, “the Father mingled every spirit from this Triad”

“The summit of Intelligables is the Intelligable Triad, containing in itself containing in itself, the cause and essence of all triads” – Parminides
Thus he who knows himself, knows all things, as Zoroaster first asserted in his Gathas, and afterwarwds Plato in the First Alcibiades:
All things are the progeny of One Fire. One Divine Nature. The Monad is there first where the paternal monad subsitst. The Monad is extended which generates two. The Logos, Father-begotten Light. It is the operator, the giver of life-bearing Fire. It fills the vivific bosom of the angel Hecate. The Angel Love (Eros) who first leaped forth from Intellect, clothing fire bound together with fire. The Father Saturn, has hastily withdrawn himself from all connection of matter. The Duad sits with Jupiter and glitters with intellectual sections, together with the power of governing all things.
Plato, Alcibiades & Zoroaster, Gathas (Chaldean Oracles)

The Triad. The Demiurgos made the whole world from fire, water, earth and all-nourishing air.
What the Pythagoreans intended to signify by Monad, duad, and Triad – bound (Saturn), infinite (Juptier), and that which is mixed from both United (Dionsyus)
Plato Alciabides

We also have texts from early christians in the pre-church era that cite pythagoras and use similar concepts for Jesus and God The Father.
“Now Pythagoras declared that the unbegotten monad was the principle of the universals and the parent of the dyad and of all the other numbers. And he says that the monad is the father of the dyad and the dyad the mother of all engendered things (and) a bearer of things begotten. And Zaratas,] also, the teacher of Pythagoras, calls the one father, but the two, mother. For the dyad has come into being from a monad according to Pythagoras, and the monad is masculine and first, but the dyad female and second. From the dyad, again, as Pythagoras says, (come) the triad” – Hippolytus of Rome

The devils, accordingly, when they heard these prophetic words, said that Bacchus was the son of Jupiter, and gave out that he was the discoverer of the vine, and they number wine,or the donkey, among his mysteries; and they taught that, having been torn in pieces, he ascended into heaven.
–Justin, First Apology, Ch. 54

Dionysus worship continued in the Eleusinian mysteries up until the 5th century BCE, from what began in the Bronze Age Mycenaen period. The christians could find no other way to replace them other than to co-opt them somehow. A legend was created about a devotee of the Mysteries named Demetrius who was visitied by Demeter in a dream and told to worship Jesus and convert Eleusis to a Church.

Orpheus, the High priest of Dionysus also got legends written about him by christians that make him into a Saint. And in the oldest christian catacombs we can see Orpheus playing his Lyre near Jesus and Mary. Orpheus is also present in the Syballine Oracles from the 1st – 2nd century Christian Syballists showing the close proximity of Orphism and Judaism and Christianity.

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