Hebrew Israelite video game developer and cartoonist seeking to hire voice actors


Cartoonist and video game developer Yizreel is seeking to hire male and female voice actors for an upcoming cartoon series airing soon on Youtube TV.

Musician, and video game developer Yizreel Ben Yasherala aka “DJ. King Popcorn” will be introducing their new collection of video games through their Video Game Party.
We will be donating money to Minority Single Parents. Female students who have children and are age 25 or older. Those in their freshman, sophomore or junior year are eligible.
Non-Students may also register.

This Video Game Party event will premiere from December 8th – 13th live on Youtube TV.
If you know anyone that has a distinctive voice or maybe you would like to express yourself, voice acting could be an open door for you!

Yizreel “King Popcorn” mentions “Maybe your voice as a character in our game or cartoon would be an easier way for you to earn a living in the comfort of your own dorm room, apartment or home.”

Those looking to increase their chances of being selected will be able to take an online
weekly Voice Over Acting Class


Tuesday- Nov 12th (7pm to 8pm)
Friday- Nov. 15th (7pm to 8pm)
Tuesday- Nov 19th (7pm to 8pm)
Friday- Nov. 22nd (7pm to 8pm)

This voice-over class is hosted by voice actor ____________
you will be tested on your

Vocal Style
How to use your diaphragm. …
Vocal exercises
Imitate the voices of famous actors or fictional characters.
Improvise in character. …

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