Great Depression Cooking – The Poorman's Meal – Higher Resolution


Clara’s Poorman’s Meal is one of my favorite dishes. It was the reason we began this channel. I could never remember just how Nana made it, and being a visual person, what better way to have the recipe than as a video.

This is a higher resolution version of Clara’s Poorman’s Meal video. It was shot in SD and now up-resed to HD. Not perfect, but a big improvement from the 2007 YouTube standard of 144p!

This was the very first meal we filmed for her show. We’ll leave up the original and enjoy this one for improved clarity as well as a new ending message from Clara.

I recently rediscovered the original tape, dated April 10, 2007. It is just days away from its thirteenth anniversary. On June 2007 I posted it as the 4th video of our initial posts (saving the best for last, of course). At the time there were very few concept YouTube channels and it wasn’t yet owned by Google.

As a filmmaker, I tried convincing TV studios that this was a great show idea. I was told that there wasn’t really an appetite for a cooking show about the history of the Great Depression, hosted by an unknown 91 year old Grandmother.

I saw YouTube as a place I could make the show anyway and let people decide for themselves if they wanted to learn meals from the Depression and meet my amazing Grandmother. And you did decide. Thanks for watching and I’ll try to continue to share Clara and her incredible cooking as best I can.



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