Germany in 1942 | "Toyland" – Oscar winning short film by Jochen Alexander Freydank


In order to protect her son Marianne Meißner (Julia Jäger) tried to make him believe that the Jewish neighbours are going on a journey to “Toyland”. One morning her son has disappeared – the Jewish neighbours too. Toyland is a film about guilt, responsibility, small and big lies.

This short film won the followings awards:

– Oscar / Best live Action short film, 2009
– Bermuda Shorts Award – Bermuda International Film Festival
– Audience Award – the Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival, USA
– APEC Award – Giffoni Film Festival, Italy
– Audience Award – Goldenes EInhorn at the Alpinale, Austria
– International Discovery Award (second Place) at Rhode Island International FIlm Festival (USA)
– Best Children/Youth FIlm – Odense INt. FIlm Festival (DAN)
– Audience Award – Palm Springs International Filmfestival (USA)
– Best Film – Sedicicorto Film Festival Forli, ItalY
– Best SHORT FILM – Asheville Film Festival, USA
– Best SHORT FILM – Victoria Independent Film Festival (AUSTRALIA)
– Audience Award & Jury Award – Alemeria en Corto (ESP)
– Audience Award – San Diego Jewish Film Festival, USA
– Audience Award & Jury Award (second place) Bamberger Kurzfilmtage
– Audience Award – Cleveland International Film Festival, USA


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Director – Jochen Alexander Freydank
Writers – Johann A. Bunners & Jochen Alexander Freydank
Cast – Julia Jäger, Cedric Eich, Tamay B. Özvatan, Torsten Michaelis
Year – 2012

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